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The Jewkes Law Firm, LLC—Fairburn GA

If you have recently been involved in an auto or trucking accident and looking for a personal injury attorney to fight for your rights to compensation or your personal injury claim, contact The Jewkes Law Firm, LLC. Our Fairburn personal injury attorneys have decades of experience in personal injury law and are at the service of Fairburn, Georgia residents.

For years, the Jewkes Law Firm, LLC has been offering services to the residents of South Atlanta, Georgia area, in personal injury matters. Any accident, auto and trucking accidents, birth injuries, medical or dental malpractice, or other road accidents caused by a person’s negligence may be eligible for a personal injury claim.

If you or anyone in your family has been a victim of an auto or truck accident or any other incident resulting in a personal injury, contact the Jewkes Law Firm, and consult with a Fairburn personal injury attorney now.

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Why Call The Jewkes Law Firm?

Only a lawyer specializing in personal injury law can help you with a potential personal injury claim. Our attorneys can advise you in Georgia's strict compensation procedures and fight with your insurance company so that you are compensated fairly for the damage caused.

Previously, Mr. Jewkes represented the insurance companies and defended drivers found at fault. Now, he exclusively represents individuals harmed by others in auto and truck accidents. His experience is invaluable, which he brings to the benefit of his clients and uses against the insurance companies' tactics.

In this regard, our Attorneys are asked to deal with numerous compensation cases, including victims of personal injury with minor or severe injuries. Our lawyers, all experts in evaluating and handling personal injury matters, can advise you on fair compensation for your personal injury resulting from any auto accident.

Auto accidents can often prove to be traumatizing. It is best to opt for professional assistance in the matter. With years of experience in the field, your Fairburn personal injury lawyer will handle your compensation claim in the best manner possible.

Jordan Jewkes

What Your Fairburn Personal Injury Attorney Can Do For You?

The lawyers at the Jewkes Law Firm help victims of serious injuries, auto and truck incidents, wrongful death, and other traffic accidents to get fair compensation for their damage. It doesn't matter who caused the injury - large business, government, or individual - your Fairburn personal injury lawyer team will hold them accountable for their negligence and help you get the optimal compensation.

With us, your status as a car crash victim will be prioritized, your personal injury will be evaluated and assessed, and you will be compensated for all your injury and property damage (economical damage, pain and suffering, lost wages, etc.).

At the Jewkes Law Firm, We Believe in Attorney-Client Relationship

  • Our lawyers work hand-in-hand with victims of personal injury throughout the process to the progress of the case. We have several goals:

    • Open communication

    • Management of Claims Process

    • Protection of legal rights

    • Gathering of evidence

    • Maximizing settlement / recovery

    We believe you should have a strong, personal relationship with your attorney with whom you can trust and communicate directly on your queries.

    Your Fairburn personal injury attorney at the Jewkes Firm will accompany you throughout the procedure and maximize your settlement. The attorney in charge of your case will assess on a case-by-case basis whether to take civil or criminal action.


Our Clients Speak for Us

Our clients speak for us, and we have a record of successful recoveries following road accidents and medical malpractice. So, with our personal injury attorneys, you may rest assured about obtaining the optimal compensation for your damage.

There is no official road accident compensation scale. All existing traffic accident compensation scales are indicative and reflect court trends. Each case being specific, it is difficult to quantify damage without studying the victim's situation in detail.

Our personal injury attorney conducts a careful analysis of a client’s professional situation prior to a traffic accident or medical malpractice to help them get the right compensation following the injuries suffered.

The Right Response if You Are Involved In an Accident

If you are involved in a traffic accident, as a driver, or even as a simple passenger, there are certain steps that should be taken immediately. Every minute of that time is important for the victim, and your action could affect the right to your compensation.

First, call 911 if you or anyone else is injured or you suspect someone may be injured.

You should also provide assistance to anyone injured in a road accident. Check all the passengers and the driver, their consciousness level, and then contact the Fairburn Police Department and a local Fairburn hospital, such as the Fairburn Healthcare Center, if medical assistance is needed.

Try to preserve the evidence, if you can, by taking photographs of the accident site, the damage to your vehicle, or any other evidence such as skid marks. This is important, even if you feel like you may not be injured initially. These photos could come in handy later if you opt for a personal injury claim.

At the same time, avoid making any admissions, such as “I’m sorry” or “This is my fault.” Allow the investigating officers at the scene to make the determination as to who is responsible.

Call your automobile insurer to report the wreck.

Finally, call The Jewkes Firm to speak to a qualified attorney and defend your rights!