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The Jewkes Law Firm, LLC— Fayetteville

If you or anyone in your family is involved in a road accident and is looking for a personal injury attorney, contact Jewkes Law Firm, and rest assured with your case.

In the event of significant personal injury, our lawyers quantify all the items related to personal injury, even before the insurer's offer. This allows them to negotiate in their clients' best interests and take legal action very quickly if the insurer's offer remains insufficient.

Compensation for personal injury by our expert lawyers is the result of years of experience in personal injury law.

Our attorneys are always at the Fayetteville residents' service to help them get fair compensation for their personal injuries. They assist victims of road accidents (auto and trucking accidents), medical and dental malpractice, wrongful death and other road accidents.

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Why Jewkes Law Firm?

To be able to carry out compensation for personal injury, it must first be assessed correctly. If you have left your compensation case in the hands of your insurer, they will appoint an expert, usually paid by them. There is a risk that the expert minimizes or neglects certain aspects of your personal injury in such a case since they represent your insurer.

Therefore, do not be alone in that difficult period. We recommend that you consult with our experienced attorneys who have the financial resources and experience to fight for and obtain compensation even in the most difficult circumstances.

Do not let yourself be influenced by the wrong advice of your insurer or the opposing insurer. Beware of quick proposals from the insurance adjusters to settle, especially if you are experiencing any pain and discomfort.

Most insurance companies will offer a small settlement amount within a few days of an auto or truck accident in hopes that you accept the money so they can avoid the risk of fairly compensating in the future at a much higher settlement value.

Jordan Jewkes

About the Jewkes Law Firm

The law firm is founded by Jordan M. Jewkes, specializing in compensation for personal injury victims. We are the only law firm in South Atlanta, Georgia, to devote its entire activity to personal injury matters and assist the victims in getting full compensation for their damages.

Since its inception, our firm has always chosen to defend victims exclusively in the immediate aftermath of their accident. We intervene to compensate these accident victims and support them in their efforts and provide them with the human support they need.

This early intervention allows an effective defense of victims by assisting them throughout the compensation procedure and, in particular, during forensic examinations.

Our Objective

The firm's objective is to enable victims to be recognized as victims and obtain the best possible compensation. Our personal injury attorneys are keen to defend victims while respecting values: rigor, listening, commitment, transparency and responsiveness.

Our lawyers have experience working in the defense of victims of personal injury for years. They are experts in personal injury law and represent victims of road accidents to help them get full compensation for their damages.

The Evidence

  • In all types of accidents, you should keep all the evidence. Your immediate steps after an accident also involve preserving evidence at the accident site, if you can. Take photographs of the other person's license plate, your car damages, the accident site, etc., or ask someone else present at the place to do it for you. You must keep the following evidence:

    • official report,

    • names and addresses of witnesses,

    • damaged equipment

    It is also necessary to keep the elements allowing later to demonstrate and assess your damages: work stoppages, invoices, diary mentioning your medical appointments, your trips, photographs, etc.

    It is also helpful to write a logbook describing the daily life after the accident: difficulties encountered in carrying out everyday activities, help received from third parties (family help or professional), etc.

    The objective is to consider all the disadvantages that may appear in the personal and professional sphere and, consequently, claim full compensation. Your Fayetteville personal injury attorney will ensure that no damage is overlooked or undervalued.


The Medical Record

The victim must obtain communication of their medical file from all the health professionals who took care of them. The law provides that the patient has the right to receive communication of their entire medical file directly. In the event of death, the beneficiaries have the same right.

If you face difficulty communicating your entire medical file or only certain documents, our personal injury lawyer has legal tools to force the healthcare professional to respect your rights.

Our Expert Attorneys Will Make the Difference

We have happy clients. Visit Jewkes Firm for their testimonials and the success stories of the cases our Attorneys dealt with.

Fayetteville residents can now be entitled to full compensation for their personal injuries. Do not hesitate to consult the Jewkes Law Firm if you’ve experienced a personal injury.

Remember, the insurance companies do not have your best interest in mind; instead, they have only one goal: the preservation of the insurer’s interests to the detriment of yours.’

Our Personal Injury Attorneys make sure you get the right compensation for your damage and assist you in every step, no matter how powerful the other party is.