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The Jewkes Law Firm, LLC— Grantville GA

Grantville residents will now be entitled to full compensation for their personal injuries, whether they are victims of a road accident or medical malpractice. Contact Jewkes Law Firm, and get the fairest compensation for your damages.

You can file your compensation claim, but if you leave your case in the hands of your insurance company, the chances are that you don’t get fair compensation. The objective of insurers is to minimize your damages as much as possible. With Jewkes firm, you may rest assured that your case is in safe hands and that you’ll be paid the fairest compensation.

Our team of lawyers is specialized exclusively in personal injury law. We represent only the victims of accidents and ensure better compensation for their personal injuries: auto or trucking accident, medical or dental malpractice, wrongful death and other road accidents.

Our Lawyers are Always on the Victim’s Side!

Our lawyers are experts in personal injury law who ensure that the damage assessment/accident compensation ratio must always be optimum. We are independent of insurance companies, mutual societies and funds and work exclusively for accident victims. Our ethics lead us to never accept any assignment from them.

We have no link with the insurance companies but are well aware of their mode of operation, reasoning, and approach to a personal injury file. Our firm defends victims of personal injury exclusively.

Most insurance companies will offer a small settlement amount within a few days of an auto or truck accident in hopes that you accept the money so they can avoid the risk of fairly compensating in the future at a much higher settlement value.

Our personal injury attorneys take full charge of all the stages of the legal process, drafting any necessary act in order to obtain the maximum compensation which is yours by right, and corresponds to the principle of full compensation.

The amount of compensation obviously varies from one person to another, depending on the nature and seriousness of the damage, temporary or permanent.

Jordan Jewkes

Why Jewkes Law Firm?

The Jewkes Law Firm defends the victims of traffic accidents-auto or trucking accidents- medical or dental malpractice and other road accidents. Our expert personal injury lawyers protect and defend you against insurance companies which, in many cases, under-compensate your damage.

Since its creation, our firm has always chosen to defend victims exclusively in the immediate aftermath of their accident.

Therefore, our objective is to provide Grantville’s residents with full financial compensation for your damages.

To achieve this objective, we have a team of experienced lawyers who are experts in personal injury. They are renowned players in the field of compensation for personal injury.

The Results Speak for Themselves!

  • You can see some of our victories here. We supported our clients to obtain the best possible compensation. They trusted us, why not you?

    Our in-depth experience defending personal injury victims allows us to represent our clients' cases with pugnacity and efficiency. We conduct the best possible legal assessment and the fairest possible compensation for the personal injuries of our clients, and look forward to providing our services to Grantville’s residents.


A Serious Case Deserves a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or one of your relatives has suffered a personal injury taken into account by the law or by an insurance contract, you are concerned by the law of personal injury. This specific right is a sensitive and complex matter, which requires constant updating of knowledge and permanent commitment.

For an optimal guarantee of their rights, it is strongly recommended that personal injury victims contact a specialist lawyer.

To date, there are too few firms in Georgia entirely devoted to personal injury law. Jewkes firm has been defending the personal injury victims of South Atlanta, Georgia, for years and is devoted to offering services for the residents of Grantville.

In all cases, the firm's practice is to systematically assign a lawyer specializing in compensation for personal injury per case.

Our lawyers devote their maximum working time to personal injury and intervene exclusively in the interests of victims. Through their experience and specific training, the seasoned personal injury lawyer supports you for better and fairer redress.

Fair Advice for the Fairest Compensation

After an accident, you should always seek help. Call 911, the Grantville Police Department and any local hospital near you, such as Med Afford Express Care, if you can, for medical assistance, regardless of who is at fault for the accident. While waiting for the help to arrive, check if you or other passengers have suffered any injuries involved in the crash.

While you wait, try to gather as much evidence as possible, if you can, or ask someone else at the scene to do this for you. Take photographs of the damage to your vehicle, the other person's license plate, their ID and insurance card, the accident site, etc.

Also, do forget to inform your insurance company about the crash.

Do not admit yourself as guilty of the accident. Don't say, "I'm sorry," "It's my fault." Such words can be used against you and make it difficult to claim compensation for your damages later.

Also, preserve other documents such as invoices, receipts, prescriptions from the victim's doctor, hospital records, etc. The conservation of these documents seems irrelevant the day after a traumatic event.

However, they serve as proof for the reimbursement of expenses incurred due to an accident: trips to and from the hospital, the purchase of medical equipment, hospital bills, etc.