Guest blog written by Cohen & Cohen

A motorcycle accident can leave life-long injuries and scars. If you were in an accident, was it your fault? When a passenger car hits a motorcycle, the injuries to the motorcyclist are generally more severe than they are to the driver. If you believe the other driver was at fault, can you file a lawsuit?

Do You Have Evidence?

Evidence is crucial in a motor vehicle accident. After an accident, you should be able to get a copy of the police report. If you were able to, at the time of the accident, you may have gotten contact information for different witnesses on the scene. Photographic evidence of the accident is also important in proving your case. You have to go in with the expectation that the other driver may try to put a spin on the accident. The driver may claim that he or she didn’t see you and that you’re at fault. You have to be able to prove that they are wrong, that you were visible, that you obeyed the traffic laws and they still acted negligently.

In addition to accident evidence, you need to have evidence of your injuries. Make sure that you have your medical records from your doctors that can prove your injuries. You will also need any future treatment plans or diagnosis you were given due to the accident.

Do You Have Legal Representation?

Without a lawyer, you may be presented with some difficulty when it comes to filing a claim against the driver. Even in a case where it is the other driver’s fault, you should expect him or her to fight against the claim. As the attorneys at Cohen & Cohen can explain, a reputable motorcycle lawyer will be familiar with the different defenses that a driver might have against a motorcyclist. If the insurance company is giving you a difficult time, then he or she will also know how to deal with them.

If a lawyer believes that you have a strong case, then you should trust that judgment. Motorcycle accident lawyers won’t generally charge you until you receive your settlement. Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee, so if you don’t receive your settlement, the lawyer won’t receive payment either.

Motorcycle accidents tend to have different circumstances than other motor vehicle accidents. It can be beneficial to talk to someone who specializes in those types of accidents. To find out how to get compensation for your accident, consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer.