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Birth Injuries Attorney in Tyrone, Georgia

Often times in birth injury cases, physicians and hospitals do not admit responsibility for their wrongdoings or negligence. With support from the insurance companies that represent them, they will forcefully defend cases even when a clear case of medical malpractice may be evident.

Your rights are important to us at The Jewkes Firm. One of those rights is your right to pursue compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, long-term care and other costs when a physician’s act of negligence leads to the injury of a child during birth.

Birth injuries can get complex and difficult to navigate properly. With the knowledge attorney Jordan M. Jewkes has gained from fighting big corporations and insurance companies, Mr. Jewkes has acquired the distinctive skills required to understand how the defense will evaluate a case and potentially defend the case, meaning he can strategize and fight working hard to win your case every single time.

Call our firm today if you have suffered loss due to a birth injury.