Final Case Settlements

$1,100,000 million for death of newborn shortly after delivery
$500,000 for slip and fall in parking lot of apartment complex leading to knee replacement surgery
$375,000 for food poisoning from national restaurant chain leading to health complications
$250,000 for rear-end car wreck
$175,000 for death of infant with spinal muscular atrophy
$150,000 for tree falling on client, leading to hip surgery
$100,000 for pedestrian struck by oncoming vehicle
$100,000 for prescription error from national pharmacy
$85,000 from homeowner's insurer for fire damage to home
$80,000 for slip and fall at restaurant, leading to shoulder surgery
$52,000 for rear-end motor vehicle collision
$33,000 for client t-boned in car wreck with shoulder injuries and treatment with chiropractic care
$27,500 for slip and fall in retail store, leading to chiropractic care
$10,000 for prescription error from prescribing physician

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