A document titled "Compensation Claim" stamped with a large red "DENIED." The document is on a desk, alongside a pencil, a couple of paperclips, and a stamp lying on its side.

Denied A Car Accident Claim? How to Pursue Legal Action

In an ideal situation following a car accident, your insurance claim would be accepted, and you would receive the compensation you deserve for your damages. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. However, just because your claim has been denied does not mean that all hope is lost. There are avenues available for pursuing recovery...
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A bicycle lies on the road near a silver car in a wooded area. A cracked helmet and broken sunglasses are scattered on the ground, suggesting a collision. Sunlight filters through the trees, highlighting the peaceful yet somber scene.

The Intersection of Georgia Law and Bicycle Accidents

In the state of Georgia, bicycles are legally considered “vehicles” and therefore have the same rights and responsibilities as cars and other motor vehicles on the road. There are instances where motorists fail to recognize this, resulting in bike accidents and injuries. It is crucial to be aware of Georgia’s bicycle laws...
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A person in a white shirt holds a pen over a desk with insurance forms on a clipboard. Three miniature car models (black, white, and red) are placed on top of the insurance documents.

10 Ways Insurance Companies Fight Car Accident Claims

You have the right, if you are injured in an accident caused by someone else, to claim compensation for your injuries. Unfortunately, many injured victims are unaware of the full extent to which their rights extend. Insurance companies use a number of different tactics to try and deny or devalue claims relating to car accidents...
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A woman in a blue dress sitting on a wooden bench in a shopping mall, rubbing her left shin and looking pained. Several shopping bags in various colors are on the ground in front of her.

Steps to Take if You Slip and Fall in a Georgia Store

Slip and fall incidents in Georgia can result in varying degrees of injuries, but it is crucial to remember that the victim should not be held responsible. Property owners are obligated to maintain a safe environment for customers and to promptly address any hazardous conditions by providing adequate warnings. Slip and fall accidents are common...
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A person in a white coat is handcuffed and holding a red stethoscope behind their back. They also have a health insurance claim form tucked in their hands. The image suggests the person may be in trouble related to medical insurance.

Are You a Victim of Medical Malpractice?

In the event of a medical mistake, one may question whether it was due to negligence or an unforeseen complication. Unfortunately, this apprehension often deters individuals from pursuing legal action when a healthcare professional’s actions result in harm to the patient. It is estimated that 195,000 patients lose their lives each year due to...
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