A woman sits behind the steering wheel of a car, looking ahead with a serious expression. She is holding a smartphone in her right hand and appears to be wearing business attire. The image is taken through the car's window.

What is the Law for Texting and Driving in Georgia?

Georgia has enacted strict laws against texting and driving and is now considered a “hands free” state. Texting or using the phone is a blatantly negligent acts motorists can commit while driving. It makes them lose their focus, take their eyes off the road, and greatly increases their risk of death, injury, or property damage...
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A close-up shot of a table with two glasses of beer, an opened bottle cap, and a car key lying next to them. The beers are partially filled, and the scene is well-lit, highlighting the amber color of the drinks. The image conveys a potential message about drinking and driving.

Understanding Dram Shop Law in Georgia

Every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes. Understanding dram shop law in Georgia can help you win a lawsuit if you are injured by a drunk driver. Dram shop law allows you to bring a claim against the establishment that served alcohol to the intoxicated driver...
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A close-up of a person's hand filling out a "Work Injury Claim" form with a pen. The form includes fields for personal details, status, income, exemptions, and payments. Nearby, a calculator displaying the number 8900 is placed on the table.

What Do I Do if I am Injured at Work?

If you get injured at work, you’re probably entitled to receive compensation for your injures through workers’ compensation, regardless of who caused your injury. Although every state’s laws are different, nearly all employers are required to have workers compensation coverage for their employees. It is important that you immediately report any injury to your employer...
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A tired female healthcare worker in scrubs sits on the floor, leaning her head on her hand, looking stressed. In the background, blurred doctors in white coats and face masks walk in the hallway. The scene conveys exhaustion and emotional strain.

What is a Medical Malpractice Case?

Sometimes medical providers and physicians end up hurting the patient they are trying to help. Many people think that all unfavorable treatment outcomes are malpractice. When a patient gets injured or suffers harm due to a physician’s negligent act, they deserve compensation. We’ll help you understand what a valid medical malpractice claim is...
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A woman with gray hair, wearing a black leather outfit, appears distressed as she kneels on the ground next to a fallen motorcycle on a roadside. She is reaching out toward the motorcycle, showing a pained expression. People are blurred in the background.

Can You Win Your Motorcycle Accident Claim?

A motorcycle accident can leave life-long injuries and scars. If you were in an accident, was it your fault? When a passenger car hits a motorcycle, the injuries to the motorcyclist are generally more severe than they are to the driver. If you believe the other driver was at fault, can you file a lawsuit?...
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