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Chasity Porter

Court Administrator – Legal Assistant

Chasity Porter serves as The Court Administrator and Legal Assistant for The Jewkes Firm, LLC Griffin Office. She enjoys connecting the clients with defense attorneys, who provide excellent defense to their cases. She understands the importance of case preparation and approaches each case with determination to achieve a victory. 

Chasity began in the legal field in 2002. At that time, she was a Legal Assistant for a Collection Agency. During the 17 years of Civil Law, she quickly developed a passion for the career. In 2019, She became the Court Administrator/Legal Assistant for Criminal and Juvenile Cases. At this time, her position became rewarding, and she thrives to assist each client with respect and understanding of their individual cases. Her ability to connect with the clients makes their difficult situation, easier to process and handle. She has a strong emphasis of success on all aspects of her position. 

Outside of work, Chasity enjoys the great outdoors with her husband, children, and grandchildren. She would love to retire and relocate to the Gulf one day. Until then, she believes in living each day as if it’s the last, with a grateful heart and kind soul.