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Diane Strube

Legal Assistant

Diane Strube began working for many years as a legal assistant for a large insurance defense firm in downtown Atlanta, where she gained an extensive knowledge of the litigation process from beginning to end. This initial experience brought Ms. Strube insight into how the insurance companies and their lawyers approach their cases and seek to portray the injured parties making a claim.

More recently, and for over a decade, Ms. Strube has been fortunate to serve on the “other side,” assisting with personal injury cases brought by injured parties. In addition to preparation of the necessary correspondence and legal documents required in litigating cases, Diane has had the privilege of getting to know each client and hearing their life-changing stories first-hand. Diane realizes that each case is different, and each client has specific needs and concerns, not only for the individual who suffered the injury, but also for their family members.

Unlike the insurance companies, Ms. Strube understands that the parties involves are not just statistics with numbers attached to their bottom line, but involve people, with homes, families, jobs, and interests and hobbies.


  • Elizabethtown College