Riverdale Personal Injury Lawyer

Riverdale Personal Injury Lawyer

Riverdale is a popular Atlanta suburb, welcoming young families and professionals drawn to the good schools and safe neighborhoods. Regrettably, incidents can occur in Riverdale, much like they can in Atlanta and other suburban areas. The Jewkes Firm has aided many individuals from Riverdale who have experienced injuries in different accidents, including medical malpractice incidents. We are proud to help our clients navigate the personal injury claim process.

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Our Personal Injury Practice

Auto Accidents

Car wrecks are probably the most common type of accident. Our Riverdale personal injury attorneys can represent anyone hurt due to another driver’s negligence. Our clients seek compensation following rollovers, fender benders, head-on collisions, sideswipes, and T-bone accidents. We can also help those hurt in hit-and-runs, drunk driving accidents, and distracted driving accidents.

Trucking Accidents

Large trucks race along the freeway all day and night, hauling freight around the country. These big rigs typically cause devastating injuries when they crash into lighter vehicles. At The Jewkes Firm, LLC, our lawyers have sued truckers, trucking companies, mechanics, freight companies, and others for these accidents.

Premises Liability

Property defects lead to accidents and injuries. We help those hurt in slips and falls, trips and falls, swimming pool accidents, and violent crimes caused by negligent security. A property owner must take reasonable steps to keep visitors safe, especially business owners.

Medical Malpractice

Medical providers must provide competent care. This means following the correct standard of care. Too many patients are hurt by medical errors, including diagnostic mistakes, surgical errors, anesthesiology errors, medication errors, and more.

Dental Malpractice

Dental malpractice can lead to intense pain and increased dental costs. A Riverdale medical malpractice attorney can review whether you have a solid legal claim.

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries range from broken bones to nerve damage and brain injuries caused by delayed C-sections or preventable mistakes. Some birth injuries do not manifest for years, so reach out to an attorney as soon as possible.

Dog Bites

Dog bite victims can sue under Georgia’s dog bite statute whenever a dog bites them. Our clients seek compensation for their physical and emotional injuries. Dog bites lead to broken bones, nerve damage, and infections. Please reach out to our attorney specializing in personal injury cases in Riverdale for assistance.

Wrongful Death

Some accidents lead to fatal injuries. Under Georgia law, certain surviving family members can bring a claim for wrongful death and receive compensation. Our personal injury lawyer can describe more about this claim in a consultation.

Attorney Jordan M Jewkes



Attorney Jordan M Jewkes


We Fight for Our Clients

At The Jewkes Firm, we excel in crafting customized case assessments for our valued clients. We need to fully understand the severity of your injuries and bodily limitations so that we can accurately estimate how much compensation is in play.

Our goal in every case is to obtain financial compensation for our clients to cover expenses like:

  • Car repair or other damaged property
  • Lost wages or income
  • Medical bills and expenses

Another component of personal injury settlements is compensation for non-economic losses like pain and suffering, mental distress, and loss of consortium. These losses often qualify for significant compensation.

If you lost a loved one, then we can seek damages for loss of companionship as well as lost wages and services in a wrongful death claim. Consult our law firm to discuss what compensation you are eligible to receive.

Georgia Personal Injury Laws

Several laws impact our personal injury clients. Your legal team at The Jewkes Firm is very familiar with these laws:

Contributory negligence. Your negligence may have contributed to your accident. For example, you could have been scrolling through text messages while riding a bicycle, which causes you to drift into traffic and get hit. O.C.G.A. § 51-12-33 states that a victim can’t receive compensation if they are 50% or more responsible for an accident. In other words, you can only seek financial compensation if you are less at fault. Our lawyers strive to minimize your contributions to an accident. Even if you are less than 50% at fault, your compensation gets reduced proportionally. Someone 25% to blame will receive 25% less than they otherwise would.

Statute of limitations. Georgia has a statute of limitations that sets out the maximum amount of time you get to file a lawsuit. Generally, personal injury cases have a two-year deadline, but it could be shorter. If you pass the deadline, you lose the ability to sue.

Georgia Tort Claims Act. Some clients are injured by a government worker or agency. For example, you might have slipped in a government building or been struck by a government worker driving for their job. You must give a notice of claim to the state within 12 months. There are special rules that apply whenever the state is a defendant, so work closely with one of our Riverdale personal injury attorneys.

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We Get Results

Obtaining a settlement is hard work. Insurers and their clients are never eager to settle for fair compensation. The Jewkes Firm has successfully negotiated settlements for a variety of personal injury cases. Our clients benefit from our results-driven approach to these cases. An inexperienced lawyer might recommend you accept a settlement that is too small when our firm could obtain much more by continuing to negotiate.

We drive a hard bargain—and we get results.

Our firm has obtained six and seven-figure settlements and jury verdicts for slip and falls, medical malpractice, birth injuries, car wrecks, and other accidents. We will objectively analyze your accident to estimate what kind of financial compensation you might receive.

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Frequently Questions?

Do I need a personal injury attorney?

The Jewkes Firm is well-versed in effectively challenging major insurance companies on your behalf to secure the highest settlement permissible by law. Our primary objective is to ensure your optimal recovery. It is only after this point that we assess the worth of your case.

What is the deadline for filing an injury case in Georgia?

The timeframe for filing an injury case, also known as the statute of limitations, can vary significantly. As per OCGA §9-3-33, you are granted a two-year period from the date of your injuries or the passing of a family member to initiate your personal injury claim.

What is the cost to hire a personal injury attorney?

There is no upfront cost associated with hiring a personal injury lawyer. Our fees are based on a percentage of your settlement, meaning you only pay if we successfully recover compensation. Our top priority is ensuring your well-being and helping you return to your normal life.

What damages can you recover from a personal injury?

A personal injury lawyer aims to establish negligence and seek restitution for the harm caused by the liable party. Additionally, you may be entitled to compensation for funeral costs, medical expenses, and income lost if you are a family member of someone who died as a result of an injury. 

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As South Atlanta's most trusted personal injury firm, we understand that being injured can be a traumatic and life-changing event. We fight for our clients to ensure they receive the justice they deserve.

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