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The Jewkes Law Firm, LLC—
Union City GA

For the residents of Union City, personal injury attorneys at the Jewkes Law Firm, LLC put their expertise at service for victims of auto accidents or truck accidents. We also handle cases of medical and dental malpractice, birth injury, wrongful deaths, and other road accidents.

Several incidents may be eligible for a personal injury claim, such as auto and trucking accidents, birth injuries, medical or dental malpractice, wrongful death and other road accidents. If a person behaves negligently and harms someone, the injured party can file a claim.

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Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Union City, GA

Why Call the Jewkes Law Firm?

Only a lawyer specializing in personal injury law can help you with a potential personal injury claim. Whether you're looking for a trucking attorney or an attorney for an auto accident or personal injury in Union City, contact the Jewkes Law Firm.

We stand out among others and are dedicated exclusively to the auto accident and personal injury law. Previously, Mr. Jewkes represented the insurance companies and defended drivers found at fault. Now, he exclusively represents individuals harmed by others in auto and truck accidents. His experience is invaluable as he has extensive knowledge of how insurance companies attempt to minimize your compensation.

Our Attorneys have immense experience in dealing with compensation cases, including victims of personal injury with minor or severe injuries. They are experts in evaluating and handling personal injury matters and can advise you on fair compensation for your personal injury resulting from any auto accident. In addition, they represent only the individuals harmed by the negligence of others in an auto or truck accident, not the insurance companies.

The legal and claim-settlement process can be long and complicated. You have to be cautious since your insurance company's attorneys start the compensation procedure as soon as you inform them about the accident in an attempt to minimize your claim as much as possible. You should not feel alone at such a crucial time and opt for a personal injury attorney to fight for your rights.

With us, your status as a car crash victim will be prioritized, your personal injury will be evaluated and assessed, and you will be compensated for all your injury and property damage (economical damage, pain and suffering, lost wages, etc.).

Driver victims or drivers at fault, simple car passengers, truck passengers and others- anyone who has suffered a personal injury following an accident in Union City- contact the Jewkes Law Firm, LLC without obligation.

Your Union City Personal Injury Attorney

Attorneys at the Jewkes Law Firm LLC have been offering services for years to the South Atlanta, Georgia area residents in personal injury matters. We help victims of serious injuries, auto and truck incidents, wrongful death, and other traffic accidents and help them get fair compensation.

It doesn't matter who caused the injury - large business, government, or individual - your personal injury lawyer team will hold them accountable for their negligence and help you get fair compensation.

Our experts and specialized attorneys will help you throughout the process. We will communicate with the insurers, witnesses, police, medical experts, and friends and family members as the case may need. Each case is unique, and we have the best solutions for you.

How Long Does it Take?

Every case in Union City, GA, is different. Some can set in very quickly, while others can take years. It often depends on the insurance company you are dealing with.

The insurance company will try to pay you as little as possible to settle your claim and will often offer you pennies on the dollar for what your case is worth to get you settled quickly. But with the Jewkes Law Firm and its experienced lawyers, you can rest assured that your case will be resolved quickly and for maximum compensation.

Our Clients Speak for Us

Our clients speak out about their experience with us. Visit Jewekes Firm for their testimonials and the success stories of the cases our Attorneys dealt with.

There is no official road accident compensation scale. All existing traffic accident compensation scales are indicative and reflect court trends. Each case being specific, it is difficult to quantify damage without studying the victim's situation in detail.

Our personal injury attorney conducts a careful analysis of a client’s professional situation prior to a traffic accident or medical malpractice to help them get the right compensation following the injuries suffered.

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The Right Reflexes After Getting Involved in an Accident

If you are involved in a traffic accident, as a driver, or even as a simple passenger, there are certain steps that should be taken immediately. Every minute of that time is important for the victim, and your actions could affect the right to your compensation.

First, call 911 if you or anyone else is injured or you suspect someone may be injured.

You should also provide assistance to anyone injured in a road accident. Check all the passengers and the driver, their consciousness level, and then contact the Union City Police Department and any local Union City hospital near you, such as the Piedmont Fayette Hospital, if medical assistance is needed.

Try to preserve the evidence, if you can, by taking photographs of the accident site, the damage to your vehicle, or any other evidence such as skid marks. This is important, even if you feel like you may not be injured initially. These photos could come in handy later if you opt for a personal injury claim

At the same time, avoid making any admissions, such as “I’m sorry” or “This is my fault.” Allow the investigating officers at the scene to determine who is responsible.

Call your automobile insurer to report the wreck.

Finally, call The Jewkes Firm to speak to a qualified attorney.

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