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The Jewkes Law Firm, LLC—Palmetto GA

Are you a victim of personal injury and looking for a Palmetto personal injury attorney? Contact the Jewkes Law Firm, where lawyers are specialized in personal injury law.

We defend the victims of personal injury exclusively and have no links with the insurance companies. Our ethics lead us to never accept any assignment from insurance companies, mutual societies or Guarantee Funds.

Our main objective is to focus on our clients' interests and ensure that they get full compensation for their personal injuries.

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Jewkes Law Firm responds to your needs anywhere in Georgia, without delay, after a serious accident.

Palmetto residents are entitled to full compensation to their personal injuries.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Do not be left alone with an insurer, even your personal insurer. The insurer owes compensation debt to the victim. They are financiers whose interests are opposed to those of the injured!

In the current state of the legal system, the amicable settlement of these cases is preferred:

  • the insurer's medical adviser assesses the victim

  • based on its report, the insurer proposes an offer of compensation

However, it is often poorly assessed and is not in the interest of the victim. Poorly compensated, the victim does not secure the proper compensation, resulting in a lack of financial means.

A fair assessment and compensation, therefore, have a crucial role. Do not let yourself be worn out by the "amicable" process.

An amicable process occurs through conciliation, as opposed to litigation, which is done by mutual agreement directly with the person concerned.

Remember that you deserve to be compensated by the responsible party. Our goal is to obtain the full value of your claim by working with one of our attorneys.

An accident can leave you with high medical bills to pay, physical pain, and emotional trauma. Therefore, we do not want to be alone in the long and assiduous legal process for obtaining compensation for your personal injury.

Generally, the term damage is synonymous with harm and is defined as the damage suffered by a person. From one case to another, the compensation is very different. It is based on the victim's medical condition, their level of damage, the suffering endured, and the associated damages.

In addition to this compensation, financial assistance is related to the need for human assistance. Our customers are both victims of road accidents and medical malpractice. The common point is, unfortunately always the same, the seriousness of the personal injury.

Victim and Insurers are Unequal

After an accident, a victim is in a situation of weakness (physical, psychological, emotional, social, financial, professional, etc.) and ignores everything about insurance and personal injury rules.

How can the victim seriously trust the insurer's advisor and the compensation offered by them?

Amicably, the insurer is in control of the process, the deadlines and the amounts. The weather is not the same for the injured person and the insurer. The insurer has plenty of time, not the victim.

It is difficult to imagine the chaos that can become the life of a victim and their family, confronted with the manifestations of the after-effects of a road accident. However, you must file the compensation claim at the earliest after the accident. For that, you need a personal injury lawyer who ensures you get the maximum amount for your damages.

The Right Reflexes

If you get involved in a road accident, an auto or truck accident, as a driver or even as a simple passenger, immediately call 911, the Palmetto Police Department and contact any local hospital, such as YourTown Health, if you or anyone else is injured, or you suspect someone may be injured and medical attention is needed.

In all types of accidents, you should keep all the evidence. Your immediate steps after an accident also involve preserving evidence at the accident site, if you can. Take photographs of the other person's license plate, your car damages, the accident site, etc., or ask someone else present at the place to do it for you.

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The Results Speak for Themselves!

You can see some of our victories here. We supported our clients to obtain the best possible compensation. They trusted us, why not you?

Our in-depth experience defending personal injury victims allows us to represent our clients' cases with pugnacity and efficiency. We conduct the best possible legal assessment and the fairest possible compensation for the personal injuries of our clients, and look forward to providing our services to Palmetto’s residents.

Our Mission is to Protect the Victims of Personal Injury and Ensure They Get Maximum Compensation.

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