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The Jewkes Law Firm, LLC— Senoia, GA

Are you looking for a Personal Injury Attorney for a road accident in Senoia?

If you have had a traffic accident, you want to know your rights and, where appropriate, claim the corresponding compensation. Do not hesitate to contact the Jewkes Firm, and we will advise you without obligation.

Our main objective is to focus on our clients' interests and ensure that they get full compensation for their personal injuries.

Several incidents may be eligible for a personal injury claim: If a person behaves negligently and harms someone, the injured party can file a claim. Such incidents include auto and trucking accidents, birth injuries, or medical malpractice.

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Jewkes Law Firm responds to your needs anywhere in Georgia, without delay, after a serious accident.

Lawyers Specializing in Traffic Accidents in Senoia

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Will Make the Difference

Our clients speak out about their experience with us. Visit Jewkes Firm for their testimonials and the success stories of the cases our Attorneys dealt with.

Senoia residents can now be entitled to full compensation for their personal injuries. Do not hesitate to consult the Jewkes Law Firm if you’ve experienced a personal injury.

Insurers will not hesitate to perform their own investigation to discover possible defenses before any payment will be made. These are clearly payment delaying measures and, without representation, often result in disappointment or lower settlement values.

We recommend that you consult with the experienced attorneys here at the firm because we have the financial resources and experience to fight for and obtain compensation even in the most difficult circumstances, even if you were told by other attorneys you may not have a claim.

Do not let yourself be influenced by the wrong advice of your insurer or the opposing insurer. Beware of quick proposals from the insurance adjusters to settle, especially if you are experiencing any type of pain and discomfort. Most insurance companies will offer a small settlement amount within a few days of an auto or truck accident in hopes that you accept the money so they can avoid the risk of fairly compensating in the future at a much higher settlement value.

Remember, the insurance companies do not have your best interest in mind; instead, they have only one goal: the preservation of the insurer’s interests to the detriment of yours.’

Our Personal Injury Attorneys make sure you get the right compensation for your damage and assist you in every step, no matter how powerful the other party is.

You Deserve to Be Compensated

Remember that you deserve to be compensated by the responsible party. Our goal is for you to obtain the full value of your claim by working with one of our attorneys.

An accident can leave you with high medical bills to pay, physical pain, and emotional trauma. Therefore, we do not want to be alone in the long and assiduous legal process for obtaining compensation for your personal injury.

Our Lawyers are Experts in Personal Injury Law

At the Jewkes Firm, LLC, our lawyers offer a close, transparent, and appropriate treatment to each client's particular needs. We are expert lawyers in Personal Injury and have been operating in the South Atlanta, Georgia area.

Your Senoia Personal Injury Attorney has extensive experience and knowledge in claiming compensation for road accidents and medical malpractice. The lawyers accompany and advise you throughout the process so that you only have to worry about your recovery.

In addition, we keep you informed at all times about the evolution of your case.

We Do Not Work for Insurance Companies

Our law firm does not work or have a professional relationship with any insurance company, dedicating ourselves solely to ensuring the interests of our clients and with the mission of obtaining the maximum possible compensation in each case.

In this sense, we work with total independence, exclusively defending your rights and interests.

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The Right Reflexes

After an accident, you should always seek help. While waiting for the help to arrive, check if you or other passengers have suffered any injuries involved in the crash. Call 911, the Senoia Police Department and any local hospital near you, Piedmont Healthcare, for medical assistance, regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

While you wait for them to arrive, try to gather as much evidence as possible, if you can, or ask someone else at the scene to do this for you. Take photographs of the damage to your vehicle, the other person's license plate, the accident site, etc.

Also, don't forget to inform your insurance company and report about the crash.

If you can, ask one of the uninjured people to take photos of the other driver's ID and insurance card, their injuries, how the cars were left, damage to all the vehicles, and so on.

Do not admit yourself as guilty of the incident. And most importantly, don't say, "I'm sorry," "It's my fault." Such words can be used against you and make it difficult to claim compensation for your damages later.

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