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The Jewkes Law Firm, LLC—
Zebulon GA

In the event of significant personal injury, our lawyers quantify all the items related to personal injury, even before the insurer's offer. This allows them to negotiate in their clients' best interests and take legal action very quickly if the insurer's offer remains insufficient.

Our attorneys are always at the service of Zebulon residents to help them get fair compensation for their personal injuries. They assist victims of road accidents (auto and trucking accidents), medical and dental malpractice, wrongful death and other road accidents.

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Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Zebulon, GA

Why Jewkes Law Firm?

The Jewkes Law Firm defends the victims of traffic accidents and medical malpractice. Our expert personal injury lawyers protect and defend you against insurance companies which, in many cases, under-compensate your damage.

Since its creation, our firm has always chosen to defend victims exclusively in the immediate aftermath of their accident.

Therefore, our objective is to provide Zebulon’s residents with full financial compensation for their damages.

To achieve this objective, we have a team of experienced lawyers who are experts in personal injury. They are renowned players in the field of compensation for personal injury.

Zebulon Residents are Entitled to Full Compensation to Their Personal Injuries

Remember that you deserve to be compensated by the responsible party. Our goal is to obtain the full value of your claim by working with one of our attorneys.

An accident can leave you with high medical bills to pay, physical pain, and emotional trauma. Therefore, we do not want you to be alone in the long and assiduous legal process for obtaining compensation for your personal injury.

Jewkes Law Firm responds to your needs, without delay, anywhere in Georgia, after a serious accident.

Generally, the term damage is synonymous with harm and is defined as the damage suffered by a person. From one case to another, the compensation is very different. It is based on the victim's medical condition, their level of damage, the suffering endured, and the associated damages.

In addition to this compensation, financial assistance is related to the need for human assistance. Our clients are both victims of road accidents and medical malpractice. The common point is, unfortunately always the same, the seriousness of the personal injury.

We are Always at the Victim’s Side!

Our lawyers are experts in personal injury law who ensure that the damage assessment/accident compensation ratio must always be optimum. We are independent of insurance companies, mutual societies and funds and work exclusively for accident victims. Our ethics lead us to never accept any assignment from them.

We have no link with the insurance companies but are well aware of their mode of operation, reasoning, and approach to a personal injury file. Our firm defends victims of personal injury exclusively.

Most insurance companies will offer a small settlement amount within a few days of an auto or truck accident in hopes that you accept the money so they can avoid the risk of fairly compensating in the future at a much higher settlement value.

Our personal injury attorneys take full charge of all the stages of the legal process, drafting any necessary act in order to obtain the maximum compensation which is yours by right, and corresponds to the principle of full compensation.

The amount of compensation obviously varies from one person to another, depending on the nature and seriousness of the damage, temporary or permanent.

Our Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Will Make the Difference

Our clients speak out about their experience with us. You can see some of our victories here, and the success stories of the cases our Attorneys dealt with. We supported our clients to obtain the best possible compensation. They trusted us, why not you?

Insurers will not hesitate to perform their own investigation to discover possible defenses before any payment will be made. These are clearly payment delaying measures and, without representation, often result in disappointment or lower settlement values.

We recommend that you consult with our experienced attorneys because we have the financial resources and experience to fight for and obtain compensation even in the most difficult circumstances.

Remember, the insurance companies do not have your best interest in mind; instead, they have only one goal: the preservation of the insurer’s interests to the detriment of yours.’ Our Personal Injury Attorneys make sure you get the right compensation for your damage and assist you in every step, no matter how powerful the other party is.

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Our Advice

If you get involved in a road accident, an auto or truck accident, as a driver or even as a simple passenger, immediately call 911. You can get the contact information of the Zebulon Police Department here. Contact any hospital near you, such as the Upson Regional Medical Center, if you or anyone else is injured, or you suspect someone may be injured and medical attention is needed.

In all types of accidents, you should keep all the evidence. Your immediate steps after an accident also involve preserving evidence at the accident site, if you can. Take photographs of the other person's license plate, your car damages, the accident site, etc., or ask someone else present at the place to do it for you. Also, do forget to inform your insurance company and report about the crash.

Most importantly, don't say, "I'm sorry," "It's my fault." Do not admit yourself as guilty of the incident. Such words can be used against you and make it difficult to claim compensation for your damages later.

Compensation for personal injury by our expert lawyers is the result of years of experience in personal injury law.

If you or anyone in your family is involved in a road accident and is looking for a personal injury attorney in Zebulon, contact Jewkes Law Firm, and rest assured with your case.

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